Talking to the Moon

by Last Knight

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Talking to the Moon is a concept album plenty of stories about the moon and the relationship with the man. It's a modern symphony on which every musician print his own musical vision.

Deluxe edition with sixty songs all related to the night and the Moon. Coordinated by Jose Manuel Medina as main producer and presented by David Rohl as executive producer. It combines vast orchestral music with progressive rock, new age, celtic music, classical, ambient, pop, hard rock, etc...

Seven years were needed to complete the production of the entire album. With an approximate duration of 227 minutes, the collection has a great variety of musical colors. The combination of musicians from very different styles gave rise to the immortalization of beautiful musical landscapes throughout. The repertoire is enriched by the talents of great figures such as David Rohl, Ashley Mulford, Theo Travis, Troy Donockley, Marc Atkinson, Lisa Fury, Geoffrey Richardson and many more...

Influences of Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Camel, Barclay James Harvest, King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons Project, Giorgio Moroder, Jean-Michel Jarre, David Arkenstone, Ennio Morricone, Danny Elfman and more...


released December 5, 2016

David Rohl: Main Vocals, Piano & Orchestrations
Marc Atkinson: Main Vocals
Lisa Fury: Main Vocals
Julia Malyasova: Main Vocals
Yann Zhenchak: Main Vocals
Esther Yuste: Main Vocals
Ashley Mulford: Electric Guitars
Troy Donockley: Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle & Electric Guitars
Cindy L. Spear: Lyricist
Theo Travis: Tenor Sax & Flute
Geoffrey Richardson: Viola, Violin, Piano, Keyboards & Percussion
Eduardo G. Salueña: Keyboards, Piano, Rhodes & Hammond
John Falcone: Alto Sax & Bassoon
Rafa Yugueros: Drums
Israel Sánchez: Electric Guitars
Sergio García: Acoustic Guitars & Mandolins
Jairo Carrandi: Electric Guitars
Colin Mold: Violin & Piano
Robert R. Gerrard: Main Vocals, Uilleann Pipes, Keyboards & Bass
Pedro Víctor Martínez: Bass
Mario Herrero: Keyboards & Piano
Martin Gudd: Keyboards
Viriu Fernández: Bouzouki
Borja Baragaño: Flute
Elena Miró: Cello
Julian Julien: Keyboards
Juan Antonio Martínez: Alto Sax
Emilio Gutiérrez: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond
Pablo Lato: Bass, Guitars, Background vocals & Percussion
Nelson Pombal: Electric Guitars
Jose Manuel Medina: Keyboards, Piano, Drums & Orchestrations



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Last Knight Spain

Last Knight is a international music project. The different musicians collaborate through internet in the recording sessions coordinated by spanish producer/songwriter Jose Manuel Medina. Originally was created in 1997 with the porpouse of write instrumental music.
Last Knight project makes a fusion between different music styles. It is oriented to an audience that loves music in every way.
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Track Name: Overture
Welcome to my world.
I am Maeni... but you call me Moon.
I am Luna. I am Selene.
I am Artemis, the huntress.
But I am also Isis, goddess of love.
And wise old Thoth, three times great.
I am El-Shaddai, the bull of heaven.
I am the lunatic who stares up at the
moon and sees his own reflection.
Beyond the madness of crowds I dwell in silence.
Here there is no sound of the dawn
chorus... no first cry of a new-born life...
no whisper on the wind or the patter of
rain on a window pane.
Only silence.
I have no ear to hear... no nose to smell...
no mouth to taste... no lung to breathe...
no life to nurture. I only serve to illuminate a
world that slumbers in darkness...
a world inhabited by vampires and werewolves.
I am getting old.
My light will not penetrate your darkness forever.
I am only the reflection of Rea in his sleeping
I am but a pale shadow of the great illuminator.
I am the Eye of Horus, plucked from its socket.
The blind eye that cannot see,
except in the black of night.
You came to me for an all too brief moment...
but then left again, leaving me alone once more.
Come... talk to me again...
and I will tell you of my secrets …
and all I know of your beloved Mother Earth
Track Name: The Lunatic Waltz
The Lunatic is smiling up at the Moon
A maniacal smile inside him
Howling in the wind..
I live on the edge of life
Time stand in stend for me
I live on the edge of life
Time stand still for me and you
Track Name: Staring at the Moon
Staring at the moon I sense it’s power
Pulling to and fro the tide
Reflecting all the light that shines upon it
Watching all our worlds collide
Well I guess this is my chance to rise above it now
I can see the future right before me
I can feel the winds of change
I can hear the voices calling to me
Time for things to rearrange
If I give you everything then I go
Could you stay whilst still holding on to Earth?
When I’m out in space and time
And the universe is mine...
Inside all my dreams I’m floating through it
Falling through infinity
Watching all the worlds turn into atoms
Dancing round inside of me
Well I guess this is my time to rise above it now
Talking to the Moon I’ve come full circle
Back to where it all began
Hearing still the voice that lives inside us
A gift for every song we’ve sang
If I give you everything then I go
Could you stay whilst still holding on to Earth?
When I’m out in space and time
And the universe is mine...
And I know you can see
That we’ve made our mistakes now
You know too well
And I know You can see
When I’m out of my head now
You know too well
When I’m out in space and time
And the universe is mine..
Track Name: Luna
You want to kiss your moongirl
What will it be like
Will she take you to the heavens
Then fill your eyes with light
You want to be her bright sun
Her face reflecting you
The Love and admiration
Flowing from a tender truth
You stand about the wild waves
See the honey coming down
Liquid lines of motion
In the aura that surrounds
You wear your sllver armour
From another land and time
Taking wondrous journeys
As she fills your heart and mind
Luna holds you closer
When the world is not your friend
Luna calms your spirit
As you watch her shimmering
Luna will be waiting
On the shore beside the sea
Where hope is quietly sleeping
Beneath the wishing tree
I will be your moongirl
And kiss you if you like
Cal you to the heavens
And bathe you in my light
I’ll meet you in the garden
In the midnight hour just when
The magic is beginning
And as darkness closes in
You can be my bright sun
And cover me with gold
As we climb the shining stairway
To the realms that angels know
I will fire and inspire you
Take your loneliness away
And help you to remember
Who you are and what to say
Track Name: Exile of the Night
I look up at the stars tonight
The southern cross and milky way
And think how far that I have come
What brought me to this day
I had so many dreams and plans
That carried me to distant shores
But I have watched the sunlight turn
A sea to dust, a field to thorns
And now I walk beneath a moon
That hangs so still in ghostly white
I am a stranger on this path
How can I stay here is this light
I thought that love would somehow heal
The wounds that left their shadows here
But soon I found the injured soul
Can bring more rage and fear
What can you say to all that’s known
We live and learn the lover’s fate
To see the curtain fall on those
Who find that time can never wait
Repeat chorus
I want love to survive the pain
But how can I now we’re apart
I look upon this sun burnt land
These fields are empty like my heart
I smell the ocean at my door
It’s tempest tide and salt perfume
It calls me from a darker place
To open skies of blue
For in this simple silent space
This paradox that holds me close
I am reminded of my loss
And how I’ve drifted far from hope
Repeat chorus
I need to find my way back home
Beneath the stars and by your side
This loneliness is like a drought
I am an exile of the night
Track Name: Talking to the Moon
Moonlight dancing on the shoreline
Produced by J.M.Medina
Silver waves are flooding the shoals
High winds, night sky
Dark dreams, soft light
I am waiting for my rising star to hold me know
And then, somehow above the clouds
Again, I can see you in the glow
As I’m looking at your smile so bright
It just steals my breath away
When I’m talking to the Moon
White veil, ghost eyes,
Deep heart, wild cries
I am calling for my Luna muse to free me now
For then, somehow beyond this land
Again, you’ll take me to the place
Where vision opens like a pearl
And my passion finds release
When I’m talking to the Moon
Track Name: The Face Behind the Veil
I can see everything that you ever want me to see
It’s right before my eyes
So if I can know everything that you’ve ever want me
to know
It should come as no surprise
Yet time and time again
The river’s running dry
There’s questions all around
And people asking “why?”
If we can be everything that we ever wanted to be
We could start again
See the light and live the life that we always wanted
to see
Where the story never ends
Yet time and time again
the river’s running slow
There’s holding and letting go...
The lyrical it’s magical
Like poetry for sale
And in the hidden clue inside of you
The face behind the veil
The face behind the veil...
If I can feel everything that you ever want me to feel
It’d still be not enough
And if I could read everything that you ever want me
to read
Would I face another bluff?
But time and time again
The river’s running clear
There’s hate and love and hope and fear
The lyrical is magical
Like poetry for sale
And in the hidden clue inside of you
The face behind the veil
The face behind the veil...
Track Name: The Holder of Dreams
The sun has fallen now
And sister Moon appears
The city lights illume
The silver mist she wears
And I drift on my own path
Beneath the changing skies
As I’m looking for the soft truth in her eyes
She is the lonely
the holder of dreams
See how she lights up the night, yes, so bright
When hope is fading
we gaze on her face
Longing for comfort and love, yes, sweet grace
I walk the ashen streets
Where darkness steals lost souls
And touch the troubled minds
That have no where to go
And I cling to the calling
To be her hands and arms
And I’ll be her willing vessel of pure charms
She is the lonely
the holder of dreams
See how she lights up the night, yes, so bright
When hope is fading
we gaze on her face
Longing for comfort and love, yes, sweet grace
The chill of winter’s coming
The cold wind starts again
Yet still she walks in beauty on the sand
And the points of time will merge and fly
Like the phoenix rising strong
There is healing in her tears of desire
She is the lonely
the holder of dreams
See how she lights up the night, yes, so bright
When hope is fading
we gaze on her face
Longing for comfort and love, yes, sweet grace
Track Name: The White Side of the Moon
The sun goes down
The twilight ends
A smoky fear sweeps in again
And city lights consume the sky
As lonely ravens circle high
This darkened road and winding stair
Have led me to an old nightmare
Where fallen angels gather round
To pick the bones of dreams aground
As you shine above this empty tomb
I see the white side of the moon, tonight
The snow is falling all around
And like a fox chased by a hound
This enemy that steals my peace
Never wanes and never sleeps
You pull me from this sunless waste
Of war and pain... a bitter taste
And make me feel alive tonight
The power of your mystic light
And you run and you run to take my hand
And lead me to a brighter strand of hope... yeah
Light will shine again in time
And clear my space and heal my mind some day
Light so sweet, you came to my world
Fly on wing, back to my world
Fly on wing, tonight, tonight...
Track Name: Drive
I know I’ll find you travelling on the crimson road
Your pockets emptied of your gold
You will race here tonight
Moving like the speed of light
You will race here tonight
Soon you will see me past the clouds of trailing smoke
Burning rubber on the bends, racing against hope
I’ve got your car now and you’ve got my plan
We need to end this madness or end up broken again
Now you fly
Now you drive
I’m riding on this ridgeline loking now for more
There still must be some way to score
Wishing the night would take me to a clear tomorrow
Loosen the chains that bind me to this dark sorrow
Be still my heart tonight
You will surely be all right
I am reeling from the ride
Under a cool moonlit sky
Now you can see I’m doing fine
Reaching for the wine
Wave and see, happy times
Are you ahead calling
Track Name: Night's Dream
I still see inside the dream
It feels real again
It feels mine again
Yet it’s never as it seems
It twists and turns and then
Bridges burn again
All around me
All around me
The night falls down around me
I find myself sleep
I don’t care where the dawn will take me
For now I’m in too deep
And all my longest days
Are far behind me now
I’m deep inside illusion
Not in the here and now
And I know and I know but I can’t let go
As it draws me further in
And I know that I shoud and I would if I could
But the night still Pulls me in
I fly between the stars
Then fall back to the Earth
Pass by the Man in the Moon
Who smiles with all his worth
Break through to the other side
Where the shadows fear and tread
And I can do all this
In the comfort of my bed
Out of nowhere
And I know and I know but I can’t let go
The dream still pulls me in
And I know that I shoud and I would if I could
But the night still lures me in
And I don’t want to leave this dream I believe
Is slowly coming true
Yet I know when I wake the first thing it will take
Is all I through was Truth
Track Name: Requiem of Man
Watching the sky
Your still light softens the fight
Freeing the tears
Then silence quiets my fears
Hold me, and lead me to dawn
Sultry white moon
Your whispers leave me far too soon
Stay by my side
As wind blows dust into my eyes
Hold me, and lead me to dawn
[Interlude of prayer voices]
Reading the score
Bright angels wait on the shore
Saved by your light
I am safe in your arms tonight
Hold me, and lead me to dawn
The hour has come
When Darkness gives way to sun
You lay me down
Under the stars of your gold crown
Hold me, and lead me to dawn
Track Name: Eternity
Your heart is growing cold tonight
The chains of time surround your soul
You’re fading fast now from this world
As whispers rise above the snow
The tears are in your eyes
From the years of sacrifice
But here you are... beneath the stars
Awaiting destiny
Though you’ll be gone.. I will be strong
Until Eternity
The raven calls you to his home
I make a wish that you’ll be free
A sea of diamonds fills the dark
As curtain falls upon your dreams
The tears drain from your eyes
With the mystic holy fire
And here you are.. beneath the stars
Embracing destiny
Though you are gone.. I will be strong
Until Eternity